Marcus Giavanni (Write-In) Mayoral Race Candidate 2023

"After 13 long years in the digital battlefields of The Denver Metaverse . No matter who is elected as our next Mayor, Auditor,  At-Large, and all the City Council elected officials. They are all going to have to learn to love, learn, work, play and invest in all of our metaverses; Good, Bad or Indifferent. It’s all for those two paths we can go on, and neither is bad or good. It depends on the individual choice of the IOT path, or DW path, it’s all about free will! And for the betterment of our Denver Metaverse. To which we ARE All Denver Metaverse.

By 2023 Denver Mayor Race Write-In Candidate | Marcus Giavanni | Jan 3, 2022 11:59 PM